Update 2022: We now have an API! Find out more here.


Many of you have asked about being able to access these recipes via an API. Well, now you can! I'm offering this as a service to make it easier for people to use these recipes in their own projects, and also help support this site.

Sign Up for Access

How does it work?

You may have access to the API for $4.99/month. All you need to do is sign up here. Once you do that, I'll receive an email with your API key. For that, you can request 100 recipes every month. Only successful requests (where we support the website, and we are able to correctly scrape the recipe) count towards this allocation.


What if I need more than 100 recipes each month?
Let me know! Particularly if you plan on embedding this data within your product, we have the infrastructure for a much higher volume and can allocate that to your API key.

What does the API look like?
We've tried to make it as simple as possible. The format is:

curl https://plainoldrecipe.com/api/simplify?api_key=example_key&url=https://...

Here is an example of the output.

What about open source?
This website, and the open-source recipe formatters, are not going away. This is a new feature for folks who would like to more easily use this in their software.

I have other questions!
Feel free to send me an email: jay@hotswap.app